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Steven Tyler Snake Feathered Top Hat

Steven Tyler Snake Feathered Top Hat

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Steven Tyler Snake Feathered Top Hat.

This museum quality hat was custom made for the legendary Steven Tyler. Featuring a burgundy, black and cream color scheme, the custom designed snake and burgundy diamond fabric is peppered with charms and dark crystal embellished musical notes. 

There is a real snake skeleton wrapped around the brim, a charm embellished curled lip in the back, with a plume of burgundy and black marabou feathers cascading from the top. There is an insane, long tail made from horsehair and feathers with silver skeleton and snake charm detail. 

The detail and craftsmanship is meticulous; the hand molding of the hat is unreal and the entire hat, from top to brim, is solid as a rock and very heavy. Constructed from extremely sturdy, heavy-weight materials, this hat survived a trip from Los Angeles to New York and a three day show at Manhattan Vintage and multiple photo shoots. The fragility of the feathers and snake head are in sharp contrast to the overall construction. Tough yet fragile.

  • Hat Width: 14"
  • Hat Height: 7"
  • Hat Size: 19"
  • Tail Length: 20"
  • Plume Length: 13"
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