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We love vintage fashion!

It takes two of us to run the show. We are family, we support women, are sustainable, creative and we love vintage fashion. In fact, fashion and retail are in our blood. We collectively spent our 70’s and 80’s childhoods shopping at boutiques with our moms, both of of whom have great taste. Naturally, careers in fashion and retail emerged. 

From Santa Cruz and Carmel to Beverly Hills and Laguna Beach, our individual styles evolved over time but we never lost touch with the Original and Authentic California Style.

100% handmade soap bar
100% handmade soap bar


Vintage clothing and accessories.

We offer reasonably priced and wearable quality vintage clothing and accessories. We deliver the Original and Authentic California Style directly to your door and carry all sizes and styles suited for your budget.

From vintage Gucci, Balenciaga, Valentino, St. John, Chanel, Bill Blass and Dior to custom pieces and ready to wear labels, we have something for every occasion.

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It's all about you.

Our guest's experience is what matters most to us. We value respect, trust and compassion.

It can be daunting when searching for the perfect item. How do you know it’s vintage? How do you know it’s in good shape? I can’t try it on! What if it doesn’t fit right? How do I style my look?  That’s where we come in.

Send us an email and we will quickly answer questions, help you style, send pictures, verify items, do whatever is needed to ensure you are making your best purchase. If it doesn’t fit or you find a flaw that we missed (gasp!), we will take it back. We want you to look and feel great and be a happy member of the Buzz family.  

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Our guarantee to you.

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