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Art Deco Cat’s Eye Tourmaline Ring

Art Deco Cat’s Eye Tourmaline Ring

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Art Deco Cat’s Eye Tourmaline & Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold.

There’s no denying this ring from the 1920’s is special and mystical. It’s stunning on and feels like a dream...lightweight and comfy.

The oval shaped cat’s eye tourmaline stone is a sage greenish-brown color, surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds presented in a contrasting emerald shaped 14K white gold, bezel filigree setting.

Cat's eye tourmaline is rare variety of tourmaline which has a unique reflection of light that resembles the slit eye of a cat. The optical phenomenon is exceptionally rare and occurs in only a handful of gems.  As the stone is rotates, a 'slit-eye-of-a-cat' reflection will appear to glide and roll across the surface of cat's eye tourmaline. 

Art Deco jewelry embraced modernism before it was cool, and borrowed heavily from architecture, with bold, geometric patterns with straight lines, squares, triangles, pyramids and arcs combined to create intricate and jaw-dropping designs.

  • Materials: cat’s eye tourmaline, diamonds, 14K white gold
  • Size: 7
  • Measurements: 3x1.5 cm

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