A Collective New Year

A Collective New Year

Hello 2023!

2022 was an amazing year, blessing us with growth and new friends in the vintage clothing world.

It’s comforting and encouraging to find a collective community, and we are looking forward to expanding our vintage family in the coming year.

We recently joined the Etsy community, another collective experience that excites us.

Some Of Our 2023 Goals

Put optimism ahead of everything we do.

Stay flexible.

Be more like Martha Stewart.

Strive for optimal body, mind and soul health.

Continue being our most authentic selves.

Organize to create an even better workflow.

Practice Self Love.

Keep learning new things.

Eat well, exercise and go to the beach.

Keep being the energy we wish to attract.

Smell the flowers & count our blessings.

Instead of choosing a resolution,
we chose a word.


With every small business, it's important to stay connected.

Given the size of our Southern California vintage community, the numbers are dull, but the small bussiness owners are oh-so-bright.

Last year, we met some fascinating people, worked with some talented artists, and they help shape our business in beautiful ways. Starts with a handshake, and ends with laughter over champagne and delicious bites.

This year is all about the continued connection within our vintage community, and creating a sustainable environment to better our planet.

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