Sustainable Styling

Sustainable Styling


We recently had a fun afternoon with our friend Tiffany Scott-Clemente, a Los Angeles born and based fashion designer, costumer and wardrobe stylist. Tiffany has worked with many top names in fashion, film, and commercial industries. Her designs and styling work have graced magazine covers, celebrities, commercials, music videos, theatrical productions and feature films.

Sustainable Styling, Italian food and a photo session were on the menu, and we were blessed with a gorgeous fall day in LA. We laughed a lot, and talked about our shared love of vintage fashion, art and 1920’s architecture, and the fact that our guest was born in the wrong decade. We gossiped about favorite celebrity fashions, our style icons, and the importance of fit and a black turtleneck. We also had a chance to ask her some burning questions about her line of work.

Tiffany is one of the easiest and most fun people we know, and is happiest when traveling. With her signature colored hair and matching nails, she’s a girl after our own heart, and it’s easy to see why her clientele is so impressive. She’s super chill, flexible, funny and practices what she preaches. We have never seen her not completely put together. Her everyday style is effortless, buttoned up, no detail spared, and everything fits her perfectly. 

Tiffany’s approach to styling is unique. She is a classically trained designer, earning a BFA from Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design, and understands the construction, proportions and fit of a garment, and how a simple adjustment can make all the difference. She has studied cut, drape, color, construction, and her education helps her make the efficient and informed decisions of a seasoned stylist. She pulls from across her spectrum of knowledge to turn out her best looks and to think on the fly.

The biggest takeaway for us was changing our thoughts about sizes and fit. Her advice is, “Don’t get caught up in sizes because all designers cut differently. It’s all about the proportion, fit and a good tailor.”  Light was shed on the age old question of what is the most flattering style for a denim pant? Levi’s 501 jeans and have them altered to fit you. The best fashion tip? Find a good tailor.

What does a stylist do? I start with a client consultation. We discuss the event and I take measurements. If I am styling a celebrity, I will contact designers. I also pull from fashion PR showrooms and my vintage contacts. I also assist in accessorizing my client; I consult on hair, makeup, shoes, bags, and jewelry. After the event, I return everything. As a sustainable stylist, I help a client reimagine items from their wardrobe and add pieces from my sustainable clothing contacts.

What is it about vintage clothing that you love? The quality! Even in the most ordinary object, the quality of construction and fabric stands out. The pride of workmanship and union labels excites me! The fact that each piece is a story is enchanting. I also love a good thrift store and estate sales… the hunt for finding the perfect piece and then imagining the person who wore it.

What do you love most about your work? Watching my clients smile when they see themselves differently than they imagined.

When did you fall in love with fashion? I first understood the visual importance of fashion when I was 8. I learned how to sew and crochet on my dolls, who were my inspiration. When I realized the focus was on the fashion, I cut my doll’s hair off.

What is your favorite era of clothing? The clean, androgynous style of women’s clothing from the 1940’s and 1950’s. Katherine Hepburn is one of my fashion icons. She was a trailblazer!

Which four famous people, living or dead, would you style if you could?Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Elvis Presley and Princess Diana.

How long should I hold onto something in my closet that I don’t wear?They say you should donate something if it hasn’t been worn in a year. But I say, if it still fits, you feel good and can rock it, keep it.

Which item in my wardrobe should I spend big-investment dollars for and which are ok to buy on the cheap? Always invest in excellent bags and shoes. Spend money on well-made staples (white shirts, little black dress, etc.) and splurge on what makes your heart sing. Mix in some trendy, inexpensive items if you like for a fresh look.  

Which celebrity’s style you admire? What makes them so well-dressed?Zendaya is really impressive. Her styling team is amazing, and she carries clothing (not the other way around) effortlessly and so beautifully. She brings an innate grace and beauty to her all her looks.

Speaking of effortless beauty, look at Tiffany wearing our stunning black sequin and feathered vintage cocktail dress, part of our upcoming Holiday Dress Collection.

Please follow Tiffany @tiffanystylecurator and check out her website for some education and inspiration.
















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