Our Favorite Pieces

Our Favorite Pieces

We love our clothing for their beauty and their life story. When you spend a lot of time with a piece, researching , inspecting, wearing, photographing, talking and writing about it, you tend to form a bond. The bonus is the stories that come with vintage clothing.

We know the story behind our inventory and stay in touch with the ladies and families of the owners who loved and cared for their wardrobes. We feel a responsibility to shepherd these beloved items to their next loving home.

Someone recently asked us what were some of our favorite pieces we have sold and why. What a great question!

The first of our favorite pieces is the Chloe Diamante Dress designed by Karl Lagerfeld.

We could only find one other at the time, a longer version, and have yet to see another.

The wardrobe she came from was a meeting of divine intervention. We won’t go into details, but there were some angels working overtime that day. All we can say is the woman who wore this was going through a divorce and decided to break out of her conservative image. Other items from this collection.

She now sits in the closet of a special client who loves and cares for her as she deserves. The client also has this Galanos Black and Cream Tuxedo Dress from the same collection.

Our other favorite piece is a 50’s Hawaiian Print Dress. We made another amazing friend and supporter who was willing to part with some of her wardrobe from the 50’s and 60’s and she has some wild tales too. Other items from this collection.

The woman who purchased her is a vintage collector who entrusted us to send her new item across the country. She was really happy, left us an amazing review and is still a client. She reminds us that this is why we do what we do.


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