Behind the Scenes of Our Fall Shoot

Behind the Scenes of Our Fall Shoot

It was a gorgeous day in Los Angeles last week. The sky was painted with pretty clouds, and our dreadful heat wave was over. It was a perfect day to shoot part of our fall collection with our stunning and super funny model, Sarah. We styled her in some fab fall blazers and dresses from our extensive inventory, and she rocked every single look.

We like to use live models as much as possible to bring our clothing to life. A garment can’t be fully appreciated on a hanger, so EVERYTHING is vetted and tried on by the owners and models to make sure it’s a sellable piece and won't fall apart on you. 

Just look at that smile on Sarah! She was so entertaining that day.


Shooting in our backyard is our style. Plus, without the overhead of a brick and mortar and studio rental, we can keep our prices low. We had a great playlist, tasty food and drink, and our awesome dog, Stella, modeled too. The energy was electric because we are all family and friends, and truly passionate about what we do.

Doesn't this look like a tasty spread? Drew is responsible for this. He's an amazing chef and photographer.

And isn't Stella just the prettiest girl? Super sweet and she makes everything better.


Our uber talented photographer and co-owner, Drew Ramsey (please check him out), has a great eye and is amazing on so many levels. The relationship he has with the girls is really special, and they are in their own world when he photographs them. They dance and laugh together, and he truly gets the best out of our models. They represent our brand proudly, and have worked with us since the beginning. We are really lucky to have them as part of our Buzz family.


Because we have a lot of inventory, we split our modeling between live models and proudly feature AI modeling from StyleScan, a fantastic company that provides virtual models that actually fit the clothing and represent it accurately. We love working with Larissa Posner and her team!


Now we’re prepping for our Holiday and Winter shoots and cannot wait to show them!

Love, Buzz.







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