Discover premium vintage clothing from Los Angeles.

At Buzz Vintage Boutique, we find high-value pieces and prepare them with a lot of TLC for a new life with today’s fashion lovers. We receive private invitations into some of Southern California's most talked about closets and strive to deliver the highest quality clothing at affordable prices.

With every purchase you make, we want you to feel the love and dedication we put into our brand.

Vintage Clothing

We shop some of the most exclusive closets in Southern California, offering... 

Luxury Handbags, Jewelry & Accessories

We offer Handbags that are New or Like New and verified by... 

Designer Deals

We love mixing our vintage clothing with current designer pieces, and we... 

Vintage Fine Jewelry

Welcome to our curated collection of Vintage Fine Jewelry, the result of our... 

Caring For Our Inventory

We come from a long line of clothing lovers and were raised to appreciate and care for quality clothes. Vintage clothing was made, stored, and cared for lovingly and sustainably.

We source quality and unique pieces. Everything is hand washed or dry-cleaned. We store our inventory in garment bags and in a climate-controlled environment. The joy of seeing an item through our vetting process to its rebirth feeds our creative soul.

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